Knife Sharpener Rod, Fanerfun 13 Inch Carbon Steel Professional Knife Sharpening Steel, Knife Sharpener with Hanging Holes (13 inches)



  • High Quality- Using high hardness medium carbon steel material and magnetic casting technology, high hardness and wear resistance.
  • Ergonomic Handle- Ergonomic handle design with PP material, non-slip easy to grip, let your sharpening is more convenient.
  • Dense Sawtooth- The sawtooth is even and the effect of sharpening is immediate, making your blunt knife become sharp again.
  • Multipurpose- Can be used to sharpening knives, cartilage knives, small kitchen knives, fruit knives, long fruit knives, chef knives, etc., to meet your sharpening needs.
  • Good Design- The body’s fixed segmented design and streamlined design make it durable and sharpening quickly.

Easy to use,Easy to clean,Easy to storage.

How to use

  1. Hold the handle of the knife sharpening rod with your left hand and place the knife sharpening rod on a flat table with the knife in your right hand.
  2. The blade and the knife sharpening rod are 20-25 degrees, and the knife is gently grounded in an arc, and the tip of the blade is sharpened from the end of the blade.
  3. The knife sharpening rod does not move, and the tool is changed to the other side of the knife sharpening rod to sharpening the other side of the blade. When sharpening the knife, it should be alternated on both sides. Under normal circumstances, both sides sharpening 2-3 times will be ok.
  4. After sharpening, wipe the knife sharpening rod with a dry cloth. Do not wash with water. Keep dry and ventilated when storing.