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This product has a built-in permanent magnet, the external solid wood is made of solid absorption, durable, can match any size of knife, small material, save kitchen space, and easy to clean without water stains, wipe with a rag, safe to use, a good experience for modern people who pursue a simple and healthy life! How to better care for and store your knives? When it comes to storing knives, there are many ways you might consider. Finding the right home for the cutter is the key. Proper care and storage can help keep your knife sharper and make your kitchen look more gorgeous and simple. So this magnetic tool holder is the best solution. matters needing attention: 1. Since the tool holder is made of solid wood, it can be cleaned as new by gently wiping during use. 2. Avoid soaking or exposure to the sun. It is forbidden to wash with steel wire. 3. The tool holder is made of log. Different patterns and colors of the tool holder may be slightly different, which is not a quality problem