HENCKELS Couteau 14-pc Knife Block Set



  • VERSATILITY: The Henckels International Couteau 14-piece Knife Block Set is stocked with tools to easily tackle every kitchen task. The hardwood block features 13-slots for some of the best tools in the kitchen trade: a 4” paring knife, 5” serrated utility knife, 5.5” prep knife, 8” bread knife, 8” chef’s knife, 9” sharpening steel, six 4.5” steak knives, and kitchen shears. For your convenience, these tools are dishwasher safe.
  • USE: The Paring Knife allows you to cut right along the skin of fruits and veggies. The Chef’s Knife is useful on everything from small veggies to meat. The Bread Knife’s serrated blade cuts bread without crushing it. The Utility Knife is perfect for cutting fruits, veggies and small pieces of fish and meat. And there isn’t much you can’t mince, dice or slice with the Prep Knife.
  • BONUS: The handsome hardwood block handily keeps this useful knife collection within reach on your countertop. In addition to the specialty knives, this set includes kitchen shears, which are handy and versatile in cooking tasks, from opening packaged foods to snipping herbs and trimming poultry. This knife block also comes with and stylishly stores six steak knives for easy access! Readily keep all your knives sharp with the sharpening steel
  • HANDLES: Henckels’ Couteau knives feature a traditional French-style handle with three rivets to secure the full tang for a comfortable grip and classic look. With the ergonomic, traditional triple-rivet handle, enjoy maximum maneuverability and fatigue-free cutting. Curved for comfort, the break-proof, triple-rivet handles are pleasant to grip, giving you the control you need to slice through tougher cuts with ease.
  • QUALITY: Since 1895, Henckels International has been making high quality, everyday knives at an exceptional value. The Henckels’ Couteau series brings the elegance of the French kitchen into your own. Couteau knives are forged from a single piece of German Stainless Steel for the ultimate in balance, quality, and durability. The blades are lightweight without sacrificing strength and are honed for long-lasting sharpness. The Couteau line is forged in Spain in traditional French styling.