CLARK’s Cutting Board Oil and Wax Kit with Natural Lemon and Orange Extract



  • 100% Bamboo
  • Made in USA
  • PERFECT MATCH – CLARK’S food grade mineral oil and CLARK’S cutting board wax are designed to work seamlessly together. We always recommend using them both for the best results.
  • CLARK’S OIL PENETRATES WOOD DEEPLY – Wood oil conditioner works its way deep into the grain of Butcher Blocks, Cutting Boards, Bamboo Cutting Boards, Salad Bowls, Wood Utensils and Wood Countertops.
  • CLARK’S WAX ADDS A PROTECTIVE BARRIER – After applying the butcher block oil, add another layer of protection from unwanted liquids seeping into your kitchenware by using CLARK’S Wax.
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How to Care for Your Cutting Board in 3 Easy Steps!

Proper maintenance of your cutting board, butcher block, or other wood kitchen surfaces can give them a lifetime of use. Follow 3 simple steps:

STEP 1: Clean your cutting board with soap that contains natural ingredients

STEP 2: Preserve your cutting board with the highest grade of cutting board oil

STEP 3: Protect your board with a wax finish made from bees-wax and a generous amount of Carnauba

For More than Just Your Cutting Board

Butcher blocks need a VERY low viscosity oil that penetrates deep because of the thickness of the wood

Hardwood counter tops and islands are not only provide a stunning look to your kitchen, they are functionally magnificent and will continue to wow with regular care

Maintain your often overlooked wooden utensils, salad bowls, serving trays and pizza peels.

Terrific for bamboo cutting boards, serving trays, utensils, drawer organizers, bowls, well…you get it, anything bamboo