Berkel Echoes Durmast Block + Adhoc 5pc Kitchen Knife Set


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  • KNIFE BLOCK. Designed so that you always have the perfect knife in the kitchen
  • QUALITY. Knife block and set of 5 knives
  • ELEGANT. For every kitchen
  • STATEMENT SET OF KNIVES. Set of knives and block, great gift idea. 
Echoes Knife Block Durmast + Adhoc Set of 5 Knives. Set designed so that you always have the perfect knife for slicing bread, carving a roast or ham. The paring, boning and kitchen knives ensure you have the right utensil for a wide range of preparations. Hand cutting ham is now easier thanks to this specially designed knife. They are stored in elegant knife blocks made using the finest materials by specialized craftsmen. An object which embellishes and completes the kitchen.