AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener - For All Knives and Serrated Blades



AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener – For All Knives and Serrated Blades

  • Technology: Patented kitchen tool that uses tungsten carbide to extend the life of almost any knife
  • Safe & Durable: Hands-free suction cup base attaches securely to any surface for safer at home use
  • Perfect 20 Degree Angle: Effortlessly restores super sharp cutting edge to blunt blades that have dulled
  • Eco Friendly: No electricity, no motors, no noise pollution and knives last much longer too
  • Quick & Easy: Simply draw your knife through the AnySharp sharpener 3 to 4 times with light pressure

Whether you’re slicing meat, dicing vegetables, or carving the Sunday Roast, a sharp blade makes cutting effortless. AnySharp Pro Knife Sharpener restores a super sharp cutting edge to blunt knife blades that have dulled with use. The unique, patented sharpener uses tungsten carbide technology to extend the life of almost any knife. AnySharp works on virtually any steel knife, including expensive hardened steel knives and even serrated blades (like bread knives and hunting knives). The hands-free experience makes it unlike other knife sharpeners, sharpening steel, or sharpening stone you’ve ever used. Do not use on ceramic blades. Measuring at only 2.5″ L by 2.5″ W by 2.75″ H, this small kitchen tool packs a big punch. The AnySharp’s unique safety feature is its PowerGrip suction cup base that attaches securely to any smooth surface or worktop without the need for any tools. When your whole knife has been run through, your knife edge may touch as it exits the sharpening tools. The AnySharp has a long-lasting polymer guiding top that is softer than metal, and therefore won’t damage the metal edge, making it safe for your knives too. With a totally blunt knife, AnySharp will hone it to a perfect 20-degree angle and remove excess metal rapidly the first time you use it. Once sharp, better results are gained by using only light pressure, and only microscopic amounts of metal are shed. AnySharp Pro is perfect for the home or professional cook who may use it more frequently and prefer the professional metallic look and feel.